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‘Coin d’atelier’ By Édouard Joseph Dantan 1879 {{PD}}

We’ll have to adjust, modify, pull back, consider, as we’ll be far too quick on the switch, spontaneous to a fault, erratic and unpredictable in our choices and impulses. Agitated energy, for good or ill, goes toward whatever we put our attention on. But, we’ll also be clever, quick-witted, and able to allow our most original thoughts, ideas, and personal assets to shine in some life area informed by higher mind. It becomes a kind of trade-off: restrain yourself, show the precision of Self-discipline and a thorough understanding of the subject, and expression of your uniqueness really will know no bounds (Sun qnx Mars and parallel Uranus)

Young oak leaves (Quercus robur) and male flowers in the setting sun, Brastad, Lysekil Municipality, Sweden. Photo By W.carter CC0

Today’s word image is actually two images, one for some people, one for the rest, and it’s up to you to know which applies to you. 1) going from a walk to a run. This implies you are ‘picking up speed’ in some area–and this may require both more careful attention, and an awareness that things will be moving by a lot quicker than previously. There’s also an idea of energy expenditure, and how long this pace can be sustained. 2) many shades of green. Does this represent something brand new in the life, is it emblematic of health and growth, is it pointing toward some area where you are ‘green’ and in need of instruction or seasoning, or does it suggest envy or jealousy, yours of someone else or someone else’s of you? In any case, something ‘green’ needs tending, whether that is nurturing or pulling it up by the roots. Do your best in telling the two options apart.