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By Johann Heinrich Füssli – ‘Dante Observing the Soaring Souls of Paolo and Francesca’ {{PD}}

The 1st there’s something I might term ‘Purity of Intention’ going on, where our imagination and ideals inspire us to adjust our actions so that they’re wise, our relationships so that empowerment is fair and others are honored appropriately, and in following this instinctual course we end up making surprising strides toward ambition fulfillment. Our only issue might be that when we act, especially act propelled by our own ego or Will, we may not be very smart about it. With these influences, there’s something about taking ourselves out of the equation that allows us to soar so much higher (Neptune contra-parallel Hygeia, Mars qnx Pallas, Venus qnx Juno, Sun nov Zeus and parallel Sedna)

On the 2nd Mercury squares Juno, and we may find ourselves arguing against or thinking in conflict with our own empowerment. Befuddled reasoning is a sure sign that we’re working against ourselves, while others’ delivery of negative commentary suggests they’re the power-stealing culprit.

Have a lovely weekend!