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‘Mutter mit Kind’ (Mother and Child) By Luise Max-Ehrler before 1920 {{PD}}

I’m not talking about the one who raised you, or the ideal you have of how a perfect mother would behave–I’m talking about the internalized mother we all carry, an Archetype that carries the voices of both your personal experiences with the maternal and those of the Collective to which you’ve been exposed. This is so even if we aren’t aware of it, or even if we protest we couldn’t possibly have one, because our mother was so dysfunctional that we rejected her example outright! We all know what being loved in a motherly way feels like (even if we were deprived of this in real life), and it’s that Sense of Loving Nurture that we are asked to tap into today. This Archetype, and our own instincts, can successfully guide us right now, but there’s something else: the Sun and Venus are as far apart as they ever get, in a tense semi-square, and this suggests we’ll also see or be aware of the negative side in relationships, of the ways we are denied love, or deny it to others, and this can reveal to us where we are so deeply injured that it distorts our very concept of Love. It shows us, at a more profound level than even the Chirotic wound, where we need to heal, and that brings us to something that remains true in every circumstance: we can’t look to externals to ‘fill’ that need for Love–only we can heal ourselves–and today our instinctual nature may reveal to us exactly how to achieve that (Ceres trine and parallel Sedna, Sun semi-sq Venus)