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By KUGerhardt Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

We might as well be living in alphabet soup, so numerous and sometimes indecipherable the messages coming at us today. Whether the mash-up exists in our own thoughts or is conveyed by others, we can be sure everyone has an agenda, one focused on showing us reality, and/ or showing us what hurts. It may seem everything we do wounds, that all we can see are the difficulties, that creativity deserts us, and that everything is too rich, too costly, too too for our own good. What we can do to combat this may take us in a different direction than we’d intended or anticipated, but will not just be to our benefit, it will make the most of our instincts, empower us, and show us how to best gain from all that we ‘know but don’t know’–making our instincts and hunches a very good detour to take, a very good thing to follow, no question (Mars sxt and Sun parallel Chiron, Merc contra-parallel Zeus, opp Neptune, nov NN, parallel Sedna and Juno, Venus qnx Hygeia)