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The rock that puts life in perspective: ‘The Death Stone of Nasu Moor’ By Yoshitoshi {{PD}}

Here’s the formula for today: the heavens form a Fist of God with Fixed base of radical and unpredictable Uranus square aggressive, Willful Mars, apex Mercury in Virgo, with the apex planet contra-parallel Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. We’re in for a struggle, a fight that’s more mental (Aquarius, Virgo) than physical–though it may be that a certain immovability in the environment or approach (Taurus) thoroughly convinces us that what we imagine is actually the way things are (influence of Neptune on Merc). We’re sure we’re thinking critically and showing positive ability to discriminate (Merc in Virgo), and Neptune makes it so that we can’t know our own mental missteps. Here’s where the environment or material circumstances become helpful: we use what surprises us, what we find radical or revolutionary, what we see as innovative, improving on What Is, as a guideline, or maybe it’s a touchstone, to the real world, the actual state of things that our minds are unable to pinpoint at the moment. Don’t be distracted by criticism, the blame-game, or the noodlings of our own thinking–that’s all just noise, and may keep us from realizing the true impact of our actions, choices, and Will on the larger group or our own intellects.