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‘Woman Reading a Book on a Sofa’ 1919 By Yumeji Takehisa {{PD}}

Black Moon Lilith and the South Node meet–or do they? Can that even happen, when each is a calculated point? To those psychic ‘feelers’ we put out into the dark, this is as solid as any meeting between two physical bodies–and so carries a significant impact. The meeting of these points likely presents as something from the past, previously ignored or denied, that can no longer be avoided, or about which we become enraged: why has this gone on so long? We realize that at last we have the strength and personal authority to address it–which is why it lay dormant, until now. Listen to those interior whispers–they have two goals: of cleaning out the shadows, and of enlightenment (Merc parallel Ceres, Vesta enters Capricorn)

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