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Robert Delaunay ‘Les coureurs’ 1924 {{PD}}

Our imaginations run away with us, likely in all kinds of upsetting directions, as our values seem inadequate to address our wounds, and our own and others’ actions seem erratic, unreliable, unreasonable. Seem may be the operative word here, as what’s really happening is a kind of psychic purge, a discharge of Uranian energy that otherwise threatens to overload our nervous systems and with that our reasoning and intellects. Yes, ours and others’ choices and behavior today is a bit out of whack, but what comes from all this is healthy and, dare I say it, carries a measure of wisdom we wouldn’t be able to contact under more serene influences. Hold on tight, consciously throttle back every time you feel the energy spiraling out of control, and then wait: very shortly you’ll see the benefits to being calmer, to taking a step back, you’ll find the positives that come with sublimating the hair-trigger reaction to something a little more Zen and a lot more loving (Chiron sq Vesta, Neptune nov BML, Mars sq Uranus and sxt Hygeia, Sun contra-parallel Pallas and nov Venus)