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By Bjørn Krogstad, Norwegian artist – Own work, Bjørn Krogstad, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18257892

The Full Moon falls at 1 Aries 59 at 7:52 PM Pacific time on the 24th. The FM is just past perfecting a semi-sextile to Uranus, and forms soon after contacting both Hygeia and Chiron. Our realization or culminating situation at the time of the Full Moon is a healing one, a stance that readies us to either express our own original or unique character, or to successfully join the group (both Uranus). Falling in Aries, the focus is on ourselves, our actions, our responsibilities, the role we play, the example we set–and the square to Saturn-Vesta tells us that what happens here has real world consequences to those people and things we honor or are committed to (and yes, if we count the Sun, we have a Cardinal T-square, which by its very nature demands we do something, adding strain to an already-stressful situation).

The Full Moon is in loose sextile to Mars-South Node in Aquarius, and, in the other direction, a tense, 29 degree Juno in Taurus. Our attention is pointed toward a certain tension first implied with the square to Saturn-Vesta: the intellect believes it knows the course to take, based on past experience and learning, but material matters introduce an element of stress, a sense that personal empowerment may be lost, or not enough to meet challenges, and that dealing with real-world issues may threaten our priorities and those matters to which we’re dedicated. The Full Moon energy offers direction, in the sense that it says, ‘See? You really are healed, really are stronger than you thought, really are capable of exerting your Will. Be confident; go forward. I shine the light on how to proceed.’

Mercury, along with the ever-present-in-opposition-to-a-Full Moon-Sun, opposes and yet is moving away swiftly, suggesting the mind flees, distracted by others or by the beauty it finds (Libra), and yet part of what the Full Moon supplies us is the sense that using feeling, emotion, intuition is the most effective way to gain knowledge at this time, to see which way to go–so that a less-than-focused mind isn’t really an issue.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Comedian Reveals Human Nature’. This says to me that the tragi-comic nature of the Universe may speak loud and clear at this time. We may find our healing or revelatory culmination delivered with irony, humor, pathos, or a sense that we are both heroes because of and victims of our own humanity, and that we may need to take a step back from events in order to really see. The Sabian for the Sun reads like a high-falutin’ version of this post: ‘The Transmutation Of The Fruits Of Past Experiences Into The Seed-Realizations Of The Forever Creative Spirit’. So, said either way, we are seeing a point of readiness, one that generates tomorrow.

The Aries ‘I Am’ coalesces under the Full Moon influence; what we are becomes apparent, what we have to work with at a personal level is clear, and what action to take, or role to play, sits before us, a product of the healing we have undergone, found by acute attention to our feeling state, ready for us to embrace.