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‘Les Poètes au bois sacré’ (Poets of the Sacred Woods) By Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin {{PD}}

We’re post equinox, post Full Moon, and that means the light is waning. What do we tend to do when things dim before us? We look back to the past, and with Mars conjoined and Sun trine the South Node in Aquarius, we may comb our memories for Higher Mind moments, looking for those things and people and thoughts that elevated us, and may hold the key to rising above, again. We’re looking for hope, and the very act shows us just how down we’ve been of late; the re-entry of Chiron to Pisces possibly spurs this creative quest, this turning toward the Cosmos for answers. The world seems tough, unsupportive of our values, our commitments, and disrespectful of our boundaries (Vesta and Saturn squared by the Sun, forming a T-sq with Chiron-Hygeia-Earth, exaggerating any associated hurt), but current conditions suggest our minds really do hold the answers; we can not only see opportunities and horizon-expanding scenarios, we see the difficulties of getting where we want to go, which is the most useful of combinations (Merc semi-sq Jupiter and parallel Pallas). With the Full Moon we’ve seen the consequences of our choices, we’ve seen where we are–now we take the time to mull it over, to consider what it means, to mine the past for what’s useful in our future.

Have an important step you want to take, project to launch, or creative effort to make in the near future? Barring negative contacts or larger cycles happening in your personal astro scenario, Thursday the 27th is probably a good day to go forward.