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‘The Tight-Rope Walker’ By Jean-Louis Forain c1885 {{PD}}

First, a quick refresher: parallels and contra-parallels occur when two or more bodies are at the same declination (distance) both on one side of the ecliptic (a parallel), or one north, the other south (contra-parallel), as observed from Earth. The parallel emphasizes a harmony between the bodies comparable to a conjunction, while the contra-parallel resembles an opposition. We have a number of these perfecting today; I imagine it as one of those laser set-ups the jewel thief has to stealthily navigate. Breaking the beam won’t set off any alarms, but may cause a wee internal panic, sending our attention off in less-than-productive directions–and who needs that?

We may find ourselves measuring our empowerment and our options to express ourselves in proportion to the current state of health; the best thing we can glean from this urge is to see the ways we may hobble ourselves, or the assumptions about ability we might make, based on our perceptions of our physical state. We are a bit haunted by our usual assumptions, even: we may see it as choosing to be courageous or practical and ignore our physical Beingness, or to honor the wound and so build efforts around not disturbing it. Neither is a winning course, but recognizing the need for balance, and finding and pairing complementary energies, is.

Seeing the worth of the Will while not necessarily bowing to it is important, as is valuing all that we can do (as opposed to mooning over what’s out of our reach at present). Our mantra today may be Beauty In Action; opportunity and ‘the facts’ both become clear and offer clever ways to claim our territory, exercise our Will, and prompt us to successfully negotiate rather than demand or struggle over.

(Perfecting today: Juno parallel Hygeia, both contra-parallel the Sun, Chiron contra-parallel Pallas, Venus parallel Mars, Jupiter nov Ceres)