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Maxfield Parrish ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary’ 1921 {{PD}}

Why do we have this idea that our power resides in doing things contrary to instinct? We get one of those wrong-headed notions today and may have trouble shaking it, especially because it seems like just pushing through, heedlessly powering ahead, is the answer–but it’s not. We do best to put our efforts toward thoughtful transformation of the current scene, toward trying to get back in touch with what’s natural for us, and toward planning: our future, our Path, for fulfillment of ambitions and desires. In fact, thinking about goals may be the most effective thing we can do, as if these are clear, our actions and choices will automatically fall into the pattern our aims describe (Ceres sesq and Merc contra-parallel Sedna, Mars parallel Pluto, Mercury conj and parallel Zeus)