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‘Portrait of the Artist’s Son’ By Eero Järnefelt 1887 {{PD}}

Today ambitions are undermined by things we ‘know but don’t know’, by our own ‘blind spot’ material (especially matters that affect our own or others’ security or comfort), and by an inability, for whatever reason, to trust our own instincts. The perception is that we’re on shaky ground, and the reality may fall anywhere along the spectrum from solid footing to earthquake.

What can we do brilliantly? Think, plan, cogitate, use. our. brains. If the mind can address it, we should spend today doing just that, as ‘actively’ and consciously as possible. Don’t allow physical stillness to trick you into believing you aren’t doing anything–getting plans in place and the facts right is the very best use of your time.

(Zeus contra-parallel Sedna, Ceres contra-parallel Hygeia, Mercury sxt Pallas and opp Sedna)

‘The Last Throw’ By Charles Robert Leslie c1840 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a pair of dice. Life really is a game of chance–quit waiting for a guarantee that things will work out as you like. Though I’m in danger of sounding like a meme, I’d say it’s all about the journey–the destination will take care of itself.