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‘Studio in the Rue Archimède’ By Felix Nussbaum 1940 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 8:02 AM Pacific standard time at 15 Scorpio 11. If we keep orbs trim (as we must–this isn’t a natal chart) we see Luna forming only two aspects, a trine to Neptune and a quindecile (165 degrees) to Uranus, this latter posited at the crisis point of 29 degrees. It’s a New Moon that has us creating from the emotional ashes (Scorpio Moon) under intense stress or pressure, but this time around we must look to the other aspects in effect to know the background against which the New Moon new starts rise.

The trine to Neptune, sitting in its own sign of Pisces, speaks of a deep Cosmic connection, inspiration and creative energy easily channeled, accessed, or dreamed (two of Pisces favored methods). The quindecile to Uranus says that the New Moon beginning may present personal difficulties, or make for a hard time as the individual tries to integrate into the group. Sudden events, surprises, shocks, impulsivity are all likely in service to Higher Mind goals–so accept and deal with what comes forward as if it’s to your benefit, no matter how it appears in the moment. For a scant few, this New Moon brings circumstances of complete deception, a scenario where fantasy is accepted wholeheartedly as fact–but surrounding dissonance, and the resonance of the current Grand Sextile, will offer plenty of clues that the fantastical scenario is illusion, rather than reality, if those individuals will only listen.

There’s also a conjunction of Pluto and Vesta, suggesting that the energy for regeneration, transformation, or re-birth arises from what we honor; we dedicate our energy, and thereby tap into the breadth of power we can, at optimum operating moments, find is ours. Chiron quincunxes Ceres=again, questions of effective power manifestation, this time with our own wounds as the biggest obstacle. Jupiter quincunxes Uranus, once more highlighting the relationship between the individual and the social order, and requiring adjustment, like it or not. And Mercury noviles Ceres, suggesting that mental acuity is reached by attuning to our most ‘natural’ Self, to those roles where we hold and exercise power. This last is a ‘glove to hand’ aspect, most usable in those areas where we rightly embrace our own authority (and useless should we try to claim authority we don’t actually hold!)

The Grand Sextile, normally a configuration of grace and a smooth interlocking of energies, is this time signalling a kind of maximum point, a set of related energy flows that for a brief time form a kind of net expressing what must be dealt with, worked through, what can no longer hold its present shape. This is shown by the very late or very early degree of the placements, suggesting huge stresses that have pushed this potential into being. Jupiter and the Nodal axis are at 29 degrees, telling us that the facts and/ or the social order, in terms of the direction it’s headed, are at a breaking point (but we didn’t need astrology to tell us that, did we?) Chiron and Juno are at 28 and 27 respectively; hurt and power expression could go farther, be more extreme, but they are certainly ripe to be handled. Pallas is at 1 Libra, and may, as latest figure in the config, tell us where this is all ultimately going: toward something wise, more practical, that is cooperative in the sense of considering all parties–so not such a bad outcome, after all that tension.

‘Smiling Girl’ By Abram Arkhipov 1920s {{PD}}

The Sabian for this New Moon needs no explanation, ‘A Girl’s Face Breaking Into A Smile’ This New Moon brings relief, of one kind or another, and vast new creative potentials, if we can get out of our own way and bring them forward.

Happy New Moon!