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It’s an amazing day; the scales fall from our eyes, allowing clear perception of the true power situation and the more serious facets of the Universe, showing us how these perceptions fit with and serve, and so make come alive, our highest values, displayed through our commitments and service–so if you find yourself ‘wasting time’ or otherwise treading water, look to what this says about your dedicated energies–and don’t be afraid to make changes, if those commitments don’t fit your ideas of what’s sacred and should be honored. This may be more subtle than this makes it sound; it may be that the need for real change doesn’t become apparent for some time–but it will reveal itself, based on what you find out now.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius and we learn–we get the facts we were missing, we get a broader view of the world, we expand our interests in what’s ‘out there’, and it excites our ambitions and desires. We glimpse new possibilities, new opportunities, new goals, and we go after them, or make plans to. Go get ’em!

(Jupiter nov Zeus, Neptune sesq Ceres, Mercury nov Pluto and Vesta)