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‘The Nickel Belt’ By Franklin Carmichael 1928 {{PD}}

The Full Moon falls at 00 Gemini 52 at 9:39 PM PST on the 22nd. Though under other circumstances we might consider it conjoined Sedna, it’s past contact, and may better represent where we’re coming from: the subliminally loaded atmosphere that preceded the Full Moon ‘wake up’ in a retro Mercury ruled Gemini. The FM is opposed Jupiter and in wide square to Mars (in effect forming a T-square), in wide sextile to Chiron and wide trine to the South Node. (When I specify ‘wide’ for an aspect, I’m speaking relatively, considering the event requires fairly close contact, and the strength of the aspect itself affects just how much of a range to consider.)

A Full Moon delivers something to us, completed, perfected, an ending, conclusion, or denouement that, in this case, sparks the germ of some brand new idea. So very early in Gemini, the FM says, ‘From that ending comes this beginning.’ What flickers may be dim, held somewhere in the back of consciousness, or may seem to face insurmountable facts or beliefs (Jupiter opp) or may contradict (the square) our own Will, choices, or actions (Mars), but will be both healing (Chiron) and bring forward useful facets of the past (SN)–and that should reassure us that what begins here, much as the ego may fight it, is really a good thing. Whatever it calls us to do, change, or be, whatever the suggestion put forward by the Lunar light, it will be a big deal, if not now, then when it finally grows from germ to bud, which may be the point when you see why this idea, thought, or communication (Gemini) matters so much.

The Sabian for the Full Moon in Gemini is, ‘A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders’. What’s conveyed (the symbol of the boat as conveyance) is clear to us, if we’ll only look down (the SN past). Viewed through the lens of emotions (the water) we begin to understand something that was hidden to us (undersea), before now. It’s this understand that sparks the new idea in the mind, the one that finds its origins at this point in the Lunar cycle.

We also look at the source of the light for a Full Moon; the Sabian for the Sun is, ‘Retired Army Veterans Gather To Reawaken Old Memories’. This image emphasizes the importance of the past, reawakened to inform the Now, and possibly points to the way we may need, in this particular instance, to ‘retire’ the Warrior spirit of Mars, if only so that we can have an inner quiet that allows the new idea to grow. We must look at what from the past has survived the conflict (the war that made them veterans), and what it can tell us about healing in the present, or even about how best to interact with social influences (Jupiter), especially those we have resisted (FM opposition/ conj Sun).

Look carefully at these children. Jacek Malczewski 1896 {{PD}}

If you celebrate Thanksgiving at this time, I wish you a wonderful holiday–and for everyone else, a wonderful week! I’ll be taking a bit of time off from the Daily posts, but will return before you know it 🙂