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‘Stillleben mit Herrenkleidung’ (Still Life with Men’s Clothing) By Martin Mendgen 1932 Photo By Nutzungsrechtinhaber: Stadtmuseum Simeonstift (Diskussion) – Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36504942

Power expression and highest values go hand-in-glove–but is that a good thing? Yes, it is–we’re more likely to choose positive or productive means of showing our range, reach, and effectiveness–but only if we are free of identity crises and are sure about what in the real world matters to us. Elimination of what doesn’t align with our highest values and sense of the sacred goes smoothly, should we pursue it, and we can find tangible reward or profit–but it’s the power situation, and our feelings about it, that in the end determine how effective our actions and choices really are.

(Pluto parallel Vesta, Mars sxt Pluto, Venus sxt Saturn, Sun semi-sq Venus and nov Ceres)

Cast iron Pratt & Letchworth Deluxe Fire Engine set

Today’s word image is a fire engine. Now, my father was a fireman, so this image may have a somewhat different meaning for me than for you, but overall, it signals the need for ’emergency response’. Is there something, especially something anger related, that threatens to become a conflagration in the life, that if it isn’t addressed will grow out of control? Where are you busy ‘putting out fires’?–which phrase emphasizes the way handling problems is so time-consuming that you have no room for anything else. Are you performing this function for others, or are you in some way waiting for others to rescue you? And what will be lost, should you decide to do nothing about this?

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This is wonderful, on disappointment and expectations–