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‘A Party in the Open Air’ By Isaac Oliver I c1592 {{PD}}

Why do even the good things seem painful, right now? Relationships and financial choices and even values require careful negotiation; failure to deploy our most personal skills (that is, those that are most unique to us as individuals) will only add discord to the sense of woundedness. What we need is a celebration of who we are at core, done by honoring exactly what we find sacred in life, and most Soul-specific in ourselves. Yes, it’s a vague formula, but that’s the point: each of us must tailor the party to our experience, our needs, our gifts, our passions, here on Earth. Stay true to who you are, elevate that expression, and both surprising healing and unanticipated benefits will be yours.

(Venus sesq Chiron, Sun trine Uranus and nov Vesta)