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Photo By Daderot {{PD}}

You can feel it building, brimming, and ready to break, can’t you? Immense, overflowing, perhaps a burning knowledge, or thoughts on the social order or on our own or others’ belief systems, permeate everything with a larger than life quality. It seems we can think transformation into being–and we can, with enough investment, enough creative and imaginative ‘juice’, enough Love–with a subsequent spotlight falling on the real-world results. It almost feels magic, this ability to Love, to throw our lot in with, to dedicate our energy–and that is the way it works, the Universe responding to our energy, a wavelength that is both assertive and receptive, listening and making a statement, open to what’s out there and closed in embrace of what we hold dear. Enjoy it, and feel the power of the mind as it stretches, reaches out, and contacts the new, the unfamiliar, the radical and revered.

(Merc and Jupiter conj in Sag, both sxt Vesta, Merc nov Pluto, Venus trine Neptune, Sun enters Capricorn)

Today’s word image is a question unanswered, despite a jumble of words poured out. What question are you putting out into the Universe that appears to be unanswered? I say ‘appears’ as the idea here is that no question goes unanswered; we may miss the answer, not see, accept, or understand the vernacular in which it’s delivered, may reject the answer, or may try to insist the answer take a particular form, and if it doesn’t, we’ll pretend no answer has been given. The reality is that as soon as we ask a question, we have the answer–it may take a little while to dawn on us, it may take a nudge from the physical world, or it may take a remark from your own personal angel (anybody who plays a part in your drama), but you have received an answer. Now you must be brave enough to see and accept it

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