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‘Wintergewitter’ By Albert Ernst Mühlig 1909 {{PD}}

To give myself a little breathing room (and honestly, you’ve probably got a lot to do, too!) I’ll choose one or two (or three!) aspects for each day to talk about. I’ll go for what may add an unusual influence, what may have the biggest impact, and/ or what may be the one energy to concentrate on, and let the others go by. If you’re really longing for the dulcet tones of my-voice-in-your-head, then you may want to try one of my books–

Remember The Future–On the 23rd I’m all about Pluto trine Juno and Venus square Black Moon Lilith; the first suggests easy transformation of status or empowerment standing–just remember that can go in either direction–and the second describes the conflicts arising in relationships and/ or financial matters, with their origins found unquestioningly in those things we’ve ignored or denied. These two may mix, via Mercury sesquiquadrate the North Node, which makes it difficult to keep future effects of current thinking in mind–meaning we may, dealing with others or assets, fail to think of what we’re hoping to build or achieve. We may think only in the moment, probably in trying to justify those matters we’ve chosen to ignore, and so miss the impact this thinking has on our standing, our interactions, and on our future. Proceed with caution.

Photo by David Ellis/USFWS {{PD}}

Trickster Mode–For the 24th the mind tries not to operate in Trickster mode, but almost can’t help it. With Mercury square Neptune, sesquiquadrate Uranus, and parallel Jupiter, we are processing things erratically, unpredictably, creatively, and this likely makes conclusions fall in line with beliefs–which can mean that our Self-reinforcing view wrongly makes us think we are perceiving the world without significant filters. If anything, we’re in danger of fooling ourselves, with Self-honesty the obvious, but highly effective, antidote.

A Touch of Genius–The 25th the noviles set the tone–one between Jupiter and Pluto, and one between Mars and Black Moon Lilith. The facts or following one’s beliefs can lead to real, permanent change–the issue is, how strongly will you be influenced by what you don’t admit to or acknowledge? Whether you mean them to or not, choices and actions will be tailored to what you ignore or deny–be aware.

Bertha Lum 1913 {{PD}}

Mixed Bag–Here are the influences for the 26th; you decide what to do with them: action follows instinct or is subsumed by ‘blind spot’ material (Mars sextile Sedna) and that means we’re operating only half-consciously–and this is so despite our depth of thought, much of which is focused on the past (undoubtedly, it’s that turn to the past that keeps us only half aware of the now (Mercury parallel Pluto and novile the South Node). And how does it all look to us? As if we are disempowered or disrespected at every turn (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno). Keep your head in the present, and realize that your perceptions are skewed toward the negative, and that may prevent any serious missteps.

Smart Money–Choices keep the future in mind, and we know the value of asserting our own authority, of showing our personal competence in the roles we inhabit, and of maintaining awareness of our own agency–the smart money is drawn to expressions of power–so what are those shadows dancing at the edges of our otherwise sunny vision? They are everything we’ve been in denial of. Yeah, I said it right out–and you should face it, negotiate new terms–that’s the thing that must be done on the 27th that will allow inner wisdom to apply itself to empowered actions, making what you do smart and effective (Pallas quincunx Juno, Mars trine the North Node, Venus conjoined Ceres, Sun novile Black Moon Lilith)

‘Salzburg’ Alfred Gelbhaar {{PD}}

What’s The Difference?–we may have a hard time today, the 28th, when it comes to telling what’s smart from what we want, and whether we’re acting and choosing out of hurt or out of the chance to mobilize our most unique skills. How do we sort this out? Dig deep, really deep, into inner wisdom, searching for Truth with a capital ‘T’–that’s the thing that must be your guide in all things today–that, and a little Love (Pallas conjoined Zeus, Mars conjoined Chiron, Pluto square Pallas, Venus sextile Pluto)

This week’s word image is an episode where life hands you a metaphor–mine is, ‘You’ve run out of thyme’. What have you been putting off and putting off, always thinking you’ll do it tomorrow? That’s what you have to do right now.

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