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‘An Interlude’ By William Sergeant Kendall 1907 {{PD}}

It’s all about how we think, today; the lenses we use and priorities we bring to the reasoning process are all-important and for best results should be part of our conscious awareness. Positives involve an ease with being practical and applying earned wisdom to the thought process, as well as being cognizant of our desires and ambitions; without honesty around what we really want, we may miss goals and avert success out of misplaced modesty, fear of being seen for who we are, or in trying to uphold values that aren’t actually ours. Communications and reaching agreement goes well as long as we are willing to adjust our idea of what constitutes empowerment, and if we aren’t too attached to some particular status we fancy holding (especially a status that we might hold, currently or in future, only in our own minds!)

(Mercury sextile Pallas and Zeus, and quincunx Juno)