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‘ Kansakoulu’ By Magnus Enckell 1899 {{PD}}

Uranus goes direct at 28 Aries 36, just past perfection but still within orb to a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter and semi-sextile to Chiron. This may be like waking up mid-step, or mid-action, or mid-choice, with our beliefs about the situation (especially about our own capacities, a la Aries) suddenly awakened to how we are hurt, what hurts we’re causing, and what skills we can bring to bear. May be an ‘ouch!’ moment, or one of exquisite sensitivity, the kind we usually bury as it’s just too potent to carry in consciousness. Whatever you experience, take it for the (shocking, electrifying, revolutionary) revelation that it is, and resolve to remember it, and to let it inform your Beingness going forward.

We also see Mars contra-parallel Juno, Mercury semi-square Black Moon Lilith and Vesta, which are together, and the Sun parallel Saturn. These influences firmly fix consciousness in reality–and it may seem much realer, if you’ll pardon the saying, than it usually does; no blurry filters, no shelter from issues we want to deny or ignore, and a particular focus on what we’re doing that may be contributing to our own disempowerment. The motto today should be, ‘Pay Attention’–and then don’t bury or discard what you learn–that’s the most important part.