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‘Monday’ By Wenceslas Hollar mid-17th century {{PD}}

Venus enters Sagittarius, then noviles Zeus. What we see is an awakening, as the Venusian horizons widen and we get the urge to explore, test, and experience what we’ve only heard about, or what has been present, up ’til now, as fact–and this is all in service to some ambition or desire around Love or Money we’ve been denying ourselves out of an overabundance of caution, or outright fear. Venus’ change in sign strips that away–and opens the door to getting what we want.

Today Mercury also noviles Ceres, suggesting our minds are operating at peak efficiency in terms of using our current authority, our mandates, at negotiating, and at showing our power for what it is (and for who we are). Your own behavior can be most illuminating to yourself–it’s a situation where the unconscious point fingers at others, the conscious reflect on what their own choices say about the Soul’s intentions and the inner life.