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By WelshPixie – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72756719

Out of control, yes, but not in the way we might first envision that phrase playing out. It’s not chaos, it’s electrified optimism, it’s glimpsed opportunity, it’s action arising directly from wounds with no consideration in-between, it’s the promise of riches of myriad kind shimmering like a mirage on the horizon–and not because they’re unattainable, but because we are propelled by the unconscious and subjects we’ve avoided, and so fail to control our own responses, efforts, and most important, fail to shape our intentions to our conscious wants. This is a difficult set of influences, as our primal response to what’s shiny and desirable combines with all the tendencies toward ignoring what we don’t like and places us in jeopardy, if we define jeopardy as the danger that surrounds acting without thinking.

Two things we can do will help make sense of this and allow us to keep our bearings. One is thinking in terms of our own empowerment. This requires staying in touch with the reality of our reach and our status. If circumstances held out before us promise to catapult us far beyond our current station, then the reality is they won’t, but if we see next steps offered, ones that follow naturally from where we are right now, then that is exactly where we should go forward. The second thing is (as I so often counsel) a willingness to deal with what we’d rather not. Seeing to what’s been ignored or denied is a surefire way to release creatively charged energy for your personal use. So don’t be shy–just look it in the face, and handle it.

(Jupiter sesq Uranus, Mars parallel Chiron, Venus nov Saturn and parallel Black Moon Lilith, Merc sesq Juno and nov BML)