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‘Kuindzhi Snow Peaks, The Caucasus’ By Arkhip Kuindzhic1890 {{PD}}

I think one of the best things about astrology is that it can show you where, if you apply your energy at the right point in time, you can get results that far exceed either the investment you make or the potentials such efforts would’ve had on any other day. Today is one of those days. If while acting and choosing we keep highest aims and values in mind, with the intention of facilitating healing, we can not only heal, we can gain. We will experience resistance to this attitude, though, as the mind (and possibly negative Others) try to tell us either that we’re doing ‘it’ wrong, or that our efforts will come to naught. Don’t listen to the know-it-alls, as closer inspection will show their judgment is nothing to emulate–and that should reassure you about your own, if their prattling lets doubt creep in. You’ve got this–just let the highest good reign.

(Chiron nov Vesta, Venus trine Hygeia, Mercury sq Mars)