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By Hamed khamees07 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

You know where you’re going, right? Have you looked behind yourself? Because there’s this big, shiny vortex, a part of the past, that’s exerting an amazing pull–and you may have become so used to it that you barely notice. Now’s the time to free yourself, and you do it by listening to your instincts, acknowledging consciously what you ‘know but don’t know’, and being willing to see into your own ‘blind spot’ (facilitated by Self-honesty and maybe the help of a good friend or helpful substance). Take this need to eliminate the pull seriously. You are close to the event horizon, the point at which it becomes impossible to escape, and in order to continue forward you must negate or move away from the influence. Some potentially helpful points: don’t think anyone else can make this happen for you; take inventory of the ways you no longer need or want this in your life, and how you may legitimately, possibly with ritual or by declaration, release yourself; and consider that it may not be an actual pull from the past, but you holding on death-grip tight to something that should’ve fallen away a long time ago.

(Ceres trine NN, Sun trine Sedna, and contra-parallel and opposed NN–so parallel and conjoined the SN)

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