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‘The Guitar Player’ By Giovanni Boldini 1873 {{PD}}

A Mini-Lesson on Parallels and Contraparallels

We’ve got a lot of parallels and contra-parallels perfecting today, so maybe it’s time for a reminder of what these are: a parallel is when two or more bodies are on the same side (either north or south) of the celestial equator, also known as the ecliptic, and also at the same declination (distance) from it; a contra-parallel is when two or more bodies are at the same declination from the ecliptic, but on opposite sides, one north and one south. The effect of a parallel is similar to a conjunction, neither positive or negative but joined (though there can be the implication of harmony through enmeshment or lack of differentiation), with all the potentials that might bring, while a contra-parallel mimics an opposition in effect. I like to think of parallels and contra-parallels as being more subtle than the aspects they echo, with, for example, a conjunction of Mars and Uranus shouting, ‘Here we are, together, raising hell!’ and a parallel of the two being more like a whisper, ‘Psst, over here–are you mad, erratic, spontaneous, aggressive, have a can-do spirit? Go!’ The conjunction is there, in your face, and the parallel is subliminal, barely discernible–unless you’re looking for it.

Today we’re looking toward the arenas where we hold power and authority, toward Self-expression through familiar territory–somehow it feels important, like it’s the smart thing to do, and may pay off–but our actions and choices aren’t smart or practical–in fact, they’re downright unhealthy in some way. We might want to stop for just a moment and ask ourselves why it feels so important to us to have an impact right now–are we feeling invisible, rebellious, destructive, or deliberately ignored? None of those are a good basis on which to make decisions. Listen carefully; there’s inner knowing available, the kind that can tell you exactly which facet of things needs transforming in order to provide reward, profit, Love, or to honor relationships–and in the end, that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

(Pallas contra-parallel Hygeia, Mars parallel Hygeia and contra-parallel Pallas, as well as Mars semi-sq Sedna, Venus semi-sq Pallas and nov Pluto, Sun sxt Ceres)