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‘Three Tahitians’ By Paul Gauguin 1899 {{PD}}

I can’t speak for you, but all my attention is on the Mars-Pluto square perfecting today, with a hint as to how to mobilize offered by the Juno trine to the South Node. Mars is moving through his own sign of Aries, strong, Willful, aggressive, and as Mars tends to be (and needs to be), is very very sure of his statement: ‘I Am’ is clear, and the direction he heads is a beeline to the chosen goal. Pluto, the agent of change, is moving through Capricorn, breaking down established patterns and structures, grinding away at the rules as we’ve always known them and transforming the world (at both a personal and Universal level) to something we may not understand yet. The square between these two may send us off after an aim, on a mission, into a scrimmage, thinking we can operate using the old rules, thinking of what used to empower us. So, we’re in for a shaking up, a ‘lesson’, a hard-won glimpse at the new rules. Don’t let what happens throw you too much or for too long, as what you don’t see right now is that the current goal is irrelevant–the worth of today’s events is found in how it gives us a new framework, with new concepts around how and where to exercise our prerogatives, go after our ambitions, and shape our choices, and so our future.