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We are in possession of a ‘psychic mallet’ today–how will we use it? ‘Croquet’ By James Tissot 1897 {{PD}}

Today Love or Money, what we care about, what (or whom) we’re invested in, sparks the unanticipated, the radical, the inventive or innovative, the original in us as unique individuals, and we are offered two outlets: the practical, utilizing our skills and knowledge, or the wound and its ‘targets’ (that is, those entities we hold responsible for our hurts). Depending on our responses, we can create new and unusual sources for gain, can see abrupt changes to relationships, we may commit ourselves to the group cause, and we have the potential to break down resistance to healing–but we also have the potential to undermine reward or interactions through simple rebellion, or to channel the jumble of upset into accident. What influences our choice of approach is our idea of how and how much injustice has been visited on us, along with how well we’ve attended to matters we’d rather avoid–therein lies the key to whether we capitalize on current trends, or roll into a figurative psychic ball and poke our own wounds.

(Venus sq Chiron, sxt Pallas, and trine Uranus, Sun parallel Black Moon Lilith)