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‘Un rêve d’amour’ (A Dream of Love) By Francesco Vinea 1895 {{PD}} Photo By JoJan

Action and choices are inspired, today; the question is, will they be informed by the creative urge, the imagination, the ideals, or will they rest on delusion, deception, or even desperation? Potentials of the day include sleepwalking through what’s important, taking action that brings a defining spiritual experience, creating something that defines the ‘I Am’, and getting aggressive with the wrong person. With Mars in Aries we know that our sense of responsibility, our need to take action at a personal level, may be very strong; what dictates the direction we take is our relationship to Neptunian energies. Look to the House(s) that contain Pisces for areas where your actions can have the biggest impact (or the arenas where you are most easily mislead), and notice if transiting Neptune is contacting any of your personal energies (Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus, Mars, ASC or its ruler). If it is, get an opinion from someone of ‘like mind’ in order to know whether you’re following the dream or the illusion.

(Mars nov Neptune, Sun parallel Mercury)