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‘The Skaters’ By Theodor Matthei 1913 {{PD}}

The stars of this energy show are surely Uranus, taking to the ice as the individual in desperate need of Self-expression (in the 29th degree of Aries), feeling like it’s the last chance they’ll get, and who comes out of the wings as counter-balance but Pallas, the epitome of wisdom and practicality, strapping them on and getting assertive only when she finds a just cause–and here her just cause may be the defense of another, particularly a partner or individual with whom she identifies (Pallas in Libra). Or it may be the rebel intent on withholding cooperation versus the one who seems to have the advantage via experience, skills, or common sense, or ‘new thought’ versus entrenched wisdom (but then we must ask, how wise can it be, if it’s inflexible?) It’s the one in distress over the need to be seen, heard, and to make ‘it’ happen confronting the one who may feel the need to take a defensive posture–but only if it’s smart.

If you don’t become enmeshed in this kind of assertive contest, you may find that thoughts are things–quite literally, in some cases–and that beliefs are emphasized precisely because they are what grants you the authority to create your reality. Optimism pays, as it brings opportunities into focus–you’ll see ways to expand, get more, and reach out, as long as you realize that what you see is attuned to your own beliefs, and that the prerogative is yours.

(Uranus opp Pallas, Mercury nov Saturn, parallel Ceres, and sxt Mars, Sun sxt Jupiter)