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‘In the Conservatory’ By Édouard Manet 1879 {{PD}}

Juno enters Gemini, tilting our empowerment options/ needs toward discussion, networking, and pondering; do we really need to make that ‘statement’, put our mark on things, speak up, or sign that agreement? Maybe–just be aware that Merc retrogrades in just under a month, and today enters its shadow, suggesting that unless we are very clear on things, we’d best use the imagination, and/ or the Higher Mind, to get some idea how it all might pan out, because in the end, we’re going to feel some kind of pressure, push, or desperation around making up our minds or settling the matter, and better to do it while still clear-headed and feeling empowered (Mercury enters Pisces, before retrograding on March 5th at 29 degrees).

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 21 Aquarius! (evening Pacific time of the 9th through evening of the 10th) This year communications/ thinking becomes a source of spontaneous genius or chaos–your choice, just know it’s driven by unattended hurts and/ or some real resistance to doing what you know is wise or practical–and that means it can’t be sustained, so take the great idea, or climb out of the fray, and move on–don’t try to milk it, or hide in it. Skills may be tested, and who you are at core will undergo a kind of change–but is it transformative, re-making who you are, or will it destroy some part of the identity that up to now has been vital to your concept of the Self? Again, it’s up to you and the responses you choose; consider that the emotional viewpoint will be very much one centered on the Self, and your Will and wants, which may be a sometimes lonely stance, but that this is the way it’s supposed to be, for now.