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‘Study of Gneiss Rock, Glenfinlass’ By John Ruskin 1852 {{PD}}

We enjoy some extraordinary connectedness today, which I’m anticipating may lead to some extraordinary synchronicities, with the most exceptional thing being that much of this will arise out of stress, extremity of circumstance, the need to choose, do or die, and the compulsion to resolve things before they bust or break!

We act, reach out, or attempt, and the degree of our woundedness in relation to our efforts determines whether we tap into genius, something unique and original to us, or wallow in base emotions like revenge; in either case, we learn what’s smart, but in some situations, this knowledge comes too late.

It’s hard to wrap our minds around the current reality picture, especially the one surrounding our own effectiveness and the extent of our autonomy, but experience and instinct are on our side, and as long as we are willing to actually think about things, particularly examining what we’ve ignored or denied in our pursuit of goals, we’ll come out the better for it, and what’s more, likely a little bit more healed than we started the day.

(Perfecting today, bodies at 29 degrees in config: Chiron sxt Juno, catching Uranus at the midpoint, these three base to a Finger of God with apex Pallas; Mercury sq and Saturn sesq Juno, also sxt Uranus catching Chiron at the midpoint–also Mars parallel Uranus and sq Nodal axis, Mercury nov Hygeia, Sedna trine SN, Sun conj Black Moon Lilith and trine Zeus)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 20 Aquarius! (Evening of the 8th-evening of the 9th). Ambitions run high this year, and if you find the right compadres, partners, or support circle, you can make those dreams a reality; too, the desire nature is strong and, unless you’re careful, may run the show. Finding the right people, and getting your own aims straight, may not be as easy as it sounds, though, because you’ll have to deal with every little thing you’ve been ignoring, have denied, or that has enraged you but that you’ve left untouched. An eventful year, where the inner and the outer worlds are both very active, and likely, at least once or twice, to clash.