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‘Devil’s Bridge’ By Carl Blechen c1830 {{PD}}

We may start (or continue!) to question what it is our life is building toward, because suddenly we become aware: of the direction our impulses are taking us, of any ‘unhealthy’ thoughts we’re having, of plans that ignore our inner, knowing voice, of a sort of passive-aggressive contrariness where we try to force others (very subtly, of course) to make happen what we’re loathe to do ourselves. It feels as if everything we do is sullied by necessity or less than ideal conditions, held together with spit and a song, but the shakiness of our inner vision is due almost entirely to fear of the future. This springs from a current hyper-awareness of ourselves as just one tiny speck in things, a speck that doesn’t enjoy the control of our circumstances that we typically persuade ourselves we have. Something to know: the mind won’t be our friend today, in terms of helping us stay rational and sane! Instead send out those intuitive feelers, try to sense your environment rather than mentally assess it, and avoid making any decisions or pronouncements at this time–they’ll either be made in fear or ignorance of actual surrounding conditions, and so wildly inaccurate as to their effectiveness.

(Mars contra-parallel Vesta, Mercury contra-parallel Hygeia and Sedna, sesq NN, parallel Zeus, Sun contra-parallel Mars)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 27 Aquarius! (this year in effect late afternoon Pacific time of the 15th through evening of the 16th–see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place? You seem to be resisting your own instincts and inner knowing–and something’s got to give, as hurts over unreliability, rebellion, or recent revelations peak. This coming year may require from you some very careful and deliberate efforts to repair matters and relationships, as current stresses have caused damage you’re only beginning to be aware of. Know that you never meant harm, and that will show to others through this year’s gently caring emotional approach, and so go a long way toward making repairs. Even better, something you truly desire is on the horizon–be aware of ‘the facts’, and be ready to get way more than you bargained for.