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‘The Heart of a Volcano Under a Full Moon’ By Jules Tavernier 1888 {{PD}}

I think we might all need this forecast a little early, so here it is.

The Full Moon perfects at 00 Virgo 42 at 7:53 AM PST, sextile a 29-degree Pallas in Libra, sesquiquadrate Saturn, quincunx Chiron, and trine a 29-degree Uranus in Aries and Mars in Taurus, and square Juno (a T-square with the Sun-Earth-Moon axis). If we thought we were going to get a definitive ending to something, we may find instead that we get a setting-straight, or maybe a dressing-down, a full accounting that shakes off all illusion and calls us on the carpet to defend our use of our own power, to stand up for our choices, and to verify the effectiveness with which we’ve carried out our roles. It’s not pretty; some make the unwise move of throwing partners under the bus, feeling they have no choice, while others rebel against all responsibility, insisting they can’t answer for themselves, much less lead others, and a third group buries themselves in sensual escape. You can’t blame anyone, really–we were all ready to blow, and someone or some thing came along and made it happen.

We may suffer a molten combination of stress, expectations, and accumulated hurt. We just want to do something to feel better, to alleviate tension, and what we get instead is our inventory taken–and whether that’s by an individual or the world at large, it probably strikes us as 1) inevitable, and 2) unfair. What’s the real issue? We’ve failed to keep careful track of the reality picture, and worse, we’ve failed to maintain reasonable boundaries. All that hot trouble has seeped under our defenses, come in through the keyholes and cracks, and now, in typical Virgoan fashion, it comes as a scalding critique.

Don’t worry; the sources of our discomfort exist under their own stressful conditions–and in truth, we may be playing the same role of inquisitor for someone else. It’s the circle of life, kids–we all take our turn in the cauldron.

The Sabian for this Full Moon is, ‘In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man’s Head Are Artistically Emphasized’. I think this tells us that Full Moon events, rather than being an injustice, will actually be showing us a representation of ourselves, with some features emphasized so that we get the message. We should look at the Sun’s Sabian, as well, since it’s the source of our Lunar light in the first place. ‘In A Crowded Marketplace Farmers And Middlemen Display A Great Variety Of Products’. This suggests to me that the cause of our Full Moon experience was triggered by our own attempts to ‘sell’ something about ourselves to another–and that triggered the assessment shared by others that allows us, in the typical generous way of the Universe, to see ourselves in a different light, if not, indeed, in the exact way others sometimes see us.

So what’s the goal of all this? Maybe it’s found in the quincunx the Full Moon makes to Chiron, freshly back in Aries and informing us loud and clear about our responsibility and leadership issues. This is the closest aspect the Full Moon makes, and may suggest that what we really need to go forward is to adjust our sensitivity levels, to let go of as many hurts as we can around the ‘I Am’. Our personal Chiron effect as it left Pisces may have been that we accidentally slogged along with us perceptions of Collective injury (the eco-system and the cries of a dying planet, oppressive and non-representative politics, unnecessary scarcities as the well-off withhold) generating stress as we mistake them for personal inadequacies and shortcomings of ourselves or others–and with the Full Moon we look at the world and demand, ‘Do something about that!’ Not the way to approach it, but we’ll find out soon enough.

And, we live and learn.