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‘Snow Peaks’ By John Williamson 19th century {{PD}}

You’re going to find out today what resources, what Love and Money, what values of your own and others, you can rely on. There is solid, real-world proof, and possibly reward; in any case, the results of your investments come home. The problem, though, may be that we’re unable to perceive this; a fog may descend, words may mislead, or our imaginations may run away with us, making at least for a time a kind of crisis state around our inner wisdom, and the issues of what’s smart, what’s practical, what’s a good use of our skills. Think of it this way: we can see what’s smart, if we are open to–we can’t accept flaking out, acting jumpy, being unreliable, or acting as if we ‘don’t know’ as an excuse. The influence is one that feels disempowering, but is in reality a sort of testing of our own trust in ourselves. Have you ever left yourself behind, failed to come through for yourself? If you did, it was only temporary; you always rallied, came back, came through, and that alone should be enough to tell you that trusting yourself is where it’s at, right now.

(Venus parallel SN, nov Ceres, and conj Saturn, Mercury conj and parallel Neptune, sesq Pallas, contra-parallel Juno, semi-sq Uranus, Sun trines Pallas, then enters Pisces)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 29 Aquarius! (see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) Wisdom, originality, how healed you are, are all tested this year, and though there’s strain and stress, there’s also a magnificent payoff, in that you discover some amazing qualities in yourself, utilize them to the utmost, and end up creating a Path forward that, if you saw it now, would stun you.