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‘The Sense of Sight’ By Philippe Mercier c1745 {{PD}}

I don’t want to say all your dreams will come true–that’s the kind of hyperbole that may get Pedro elected but will ruin the credibility of astrology, and to a large extent, its usefulness–but I will venture this: Love or Money, jealousy or envy, the values picture, greed, affections, a ‘crush’, or desires activate the ideals and illusions–and you have a good chance of getting what you visualize, dream of, hallucinate, or want to hide from–so yes, what we fear and conjure is an issue, too. Venus does her dance, and our imaginations soar–the result depends not just on our relationship to the Truth, especially our own awareness of our real motives and goals, but on our ability to separate our wants from the rights of another. Passion and creative energy may combine in such a powerful way that they become a kind of glitter bomb that goes off suddenly and gets everywhere–meaning we’re so assertive that others lose the chance to say no, not participate, or have a say of their own. Instead try to craft a bold vision, something aligned with ideals, that draws on the best of your most original inclinations, talents, knowledge. You may be hit today with enough surprises, shocks, sudden revelations, and deceptions that staying centered may be a challenge–but if energy goes into creating, clearly and in detail, the vision of some ideal you desire, rather than making an internal cyclone external, you can wake up tomorrow with a dream realized, or at least a plan for the dream, ready to implement.

(Venus sxt Neptune, Sun sxt Uranus)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 28 Aquarius! (see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) What’s all the excitement about? You may be in a big hurry this year to make things happen, but look carefully before proceeding; chances are this urgency springs from an old wound–and if so, better to take a step back, as guaranteed this won’t be the way to get ‘it’ done. It’s time instead for concentrating on the way forward, and the guideline is this: what you care about, what moves you, must act as your unerring compass through to your next Solar Return. You’re shaping your fate, right now, and your conscious judgement is just a tad ‘off’. Emotional responses and emotional investments are the way to measure the wisdom of potential answers to the choices before you.