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‘Starry Night Over the Rhone’ By Vincent van Gogh 1888 {{PD}}

What’s the best thing about today? The Universe loves you, and wants to show you how you can adjust your actions, choices, values, and sense of Self so that you are going in a better direction, better than the one you’re currently aiming for, because the new one is better than you could’ve imagined. Does this call for complete change? No–progress is mostly found in a willingness to adjust thinking or point-of-view to accommodate a more empowered stance, set of circumstances, or potential for change. It’s too-rigid beliefs that influences are trying to break down, because they’re keeping you from success. Too much attention on what you’re losing defeats forward motion, as does spending your energy wrangling with the social scene or with authorities (or those who just think they’re authorities!) A ready mantra for when you’re losing the core attitude: Belief is malleable

(Vesta sesq NN, Mars sesq Jupiter, Venus semi-sq Ceres, Mercury sxt Juno, Sun sq Pluto)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 04 Pisces! (See your birth chart for your Sun degree!) I’ll bet you’d like to feel that you’re just OVER all this damn sensitivity, but unfortunately, at least a couple of times this coming year, through to your next birthday, you may find that some action or choice on your part makes a perfect storm of either creativity or a lose-your-mind, lose-your- sense-of-Self scenario–and which it will be rests with how willing you are personally to let what someone else does wash over you harmlessly/ just ignore it and let them stew in their own actions. Where should your energy go this year? Into alliances that will support your ambitions and goals, and into really aiming for something you want deeply–your chances to get it are decent, as long as you keep your head together and choose the creativity option. It’s in looking for energy partners of one kind or another that you’ll learn to sort the crazy-makers from the inspirers.