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‘Abrazo – Good hope II’ By Аршил Горки/ Arshile Gorky 1945 {{PD}}

A strange day, in that many things may be hard to pinpoint, slippery in their meaning, layered and nuanced–and this only surprises us because it all seems so straightforward at first glance. The subtle shifts in message–in the midst of the communication, or thought, or plan–stops us in our tracks, but only briefly, if you’re ready for it. The contrary energies come largely in the form of uneasiness, of a fear we can’t trust ourselves (or maybe, our eyes or ears!): the smart choice seems hurtful, we resist change to relationships or assets, not seeing the potential payoff available under different circumstances, and Love and Money carry a destructive element. Those who can center in the Power of Love (big ‘P’, Big ‘L’) won’t have a problem; everyone else, be willing to modify ambitions and desires–you may be barking up the wrong tree, or scaring somebody needlessly with your ill-considered passions–and be willing to both question your own beliefs and avoid the stickiest of the social scene–if they remain unexamined, these latter two areas bring forward the biggest conflicts of all.

(Chiron parallel Pallas, Venus conj Pluto, Mercury contra-parallel Pallas and Chiron, qnx Zeus and sq Jupiter)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 03 Pisces! (Sun passes into this degree this year at about 3 PM Pacific of the 21st thru to that time on the 22nd–see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) Power and status struggles in the form of who has dominion over what form the core conflicts of this year for you–and this begins right after you feel you’ve achieved equilibrium, especially emotionally, so go figure, right? What seems steady can shift in a heartbeat, but most of the surprises are rooted in conflicts over communication (make it clear!) and in the way ambitions in their current forms draw on (and maybe drain) relationships and/ or finances–and those conflicts will largely disappear once you are really clear on what you think and want. You think you are, now, but what comes at you will let you know where, and just how much, you might need to re-think things.