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Photo By zeevveez from Jerusalem, Israel – מים מסמלים רגשות CC BY 2.0 File:מים מסמלים רגשות (8765164478).jpg

What happens to the atmosphere when Venus enters the coolly intellectual sign of Aquarius? Maybe we ought to inspect what that Venusian energy is coming off of: a square to Uranus which is at 29 stressful degrees, suggesting sudden surprise, crisis, revelation, or accident that pushes a Love, Money, or values matter ‘over the edge’; then Venus moves into Aquarius and contacts Chiron, freshly into Aries–and that suggests hurt, maybe in the form of a challenge to the Self-concept, the ‘I Am’–but it can also suggest rapid healing, as Mars noviles Chiron, offering brilliant ways to address hurtful matters. What does Venus end up with, then? Understanding, another Aquarian watchword, a sensibility that sees how power within situations isn’t always fair, and that what we dedicate our energy to must bend to what’s wise, what’s practical, and this is the way we identify the obstacles in our way forward, and handle them.

(Juno contra-parallel Zeus, Vesta sesq Pallas, Mars nov Chiron, Venus squares Uranus, then enters Aquarius and sextiles Chiron, Sun sesq NN)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 11 Pisces! (See your birth chart for your Sun degree!) What is it you want this year? It seems that, more than anything, you want to know what the future holds, how to move forward most effectively, how to make your best life, as they say, happen. That’s reasonable, but truly difficult for you to master this year. Too many things cloud the vision: you know there are problems with the Love or Money situation, and yet you can’t seem to get a handle on them; you’re questioning your own wisdom, as things aren’t panning out quite how you thought they would; and it seems to be some kind of stand-off telling you there’s a choice to make: be original and daring, or be smart! That’s no choice at all, is it? Do your best, this year, to listen to instinct, to work as directly as you are able with circumstances that may involve your ‘blind spot’, and be willing to act on what you ‘know but don’t know’. As long as you’re truly following instinct, and not the mind or emotions masquerading, you can go farther than you think, as opportunities will come that you never would’ve seen, if things had gone as you’d hoped.