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‘Saturn Devours One of His Sons’ By Peter Paul Rubens c1637 {{PD}}

Why do we so rail against those in authority, whether we’re in our ‘terrible twos’, teens, or full-grown, seasoned, and presumably autonomous adults? This is what we’ll face today: why does every encounter and situation make us feel as if we’re running smack into parental controls, a restriction of our own ability to choose, as if we’re being told we’re not smart enough, that we don’t have good sense enough–and what does that guarantee? That we’ll try to ‘show them’. Not a good position from which to prove ourselves, not. at. all. Realize there’s something off in our reasoning that needs adjustment; also know that being creative, rather than gaining more power, is the real answer to our situation.

(Pluto sesq Juno, Mars contra-parallel Ceres, Venus semi-sq Neptune, Mercury qnx Pallas)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 12 Pisces! (See your birth chart for your Sun degree!) Looking ahead, it all just seems like a matter of luck, doesn’t it? Well that would be wrong, if we’re using that as a reason to sit back and do nothing. You may feel you’ve done all you can, but the reality is you’re suffering a brain fog that makes it almost impossible to sort out what to do. The good news: just after your birthday, Mercury retrogrades–and this time, that backward motion frees your thinking–it’s a kind of delayed reaction wake-up that reverberates throughout the entire year ahead. The whole period through to your next birthday is one where things reach a peak or crisis, and then suddenly you see what to do, where to go, how to feel. Hints for success: Love is out there–let it come to you on its own timetable and form; and, though wounds may seem an oversized part of the psyche right now, it’s better not to show them to everyone you meet–you don’t have to hide them, just don’t use them as credentials.