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‘Trompe l’oeil with Studio Wall and Vanitas Still Life’ By Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts 1668 {{PD}}

We’ll do anything not to deal with the unpleasant and the outrageous; it seems smart to just ignore things, but at the same time we’re aware that can’t possibly be a good idea–in fact, we know it inclines the mind to fantasize–we just can’t help but fill in the blanks! Though normally we want flow with the grain of the day, so to speak, today it might be better to stay neutral, to accept our desire to avoid and just put our heads down and do what needs doing–no confrontations, no dealing with the messy or the hard to face, no going against the grain–and with any luck taking this approach will mean we’ll get something useful, but not especially splashy or definitive, done.

(Mars contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, Sun contra-parallel and sesq Pallas, and parallel Neptune)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 14 Pisces! (See your birth chart for your Sun degree!) Consciously or not, you’ll spend the year measuring, weighing, re-assessing to what and whom you’re committed. It may seem too low-key, but the reality is you need this time, a kind of retreat, in order to know what really matters, and so know what to honor, make promises to, and work to secure in the future, when you’ll be called upon to answer the hard questions. Until then, embrace the fact that you are closer to manifesting your ideals than you may think, and it’s a life filled with what you envision that all this prep work is for. Stay strong, don’t expect easy or definitive answers right now, and know that you’re aligning yourself with what you will become, no matter how modest the current circumstances or how far away it all may seem to be.