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‘Dreamers’ By Albert Joseph Moore c1870 {{PD}}

Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Pisces 38, and a vision appears–but is it because Merc’s change in direction has pulled back the curtain, moving some obstacle out of the way of our perception, or is it because our mind is forced back in on itself, and so seeing what’s been there all along? This may come as a dream or a waking dream, through a reverie that takes us away, through an ideal realized, or in a technicolor display that plays out before us in real time in the material world, in events that may even include us—but in any case, depicts something visionary and highly personal, something we may re-visit, or that may coalesce for the first time, making itself apparent as a goal or ‘perfect concept’ against which we can measure our progress; most of us will experience the retrograde through an emotional lens, or through a Collective one, oriented toward the House Merc is now traversing, which also happens to be the House where Pisces resides.

In shorter-term news, we’re in the Dark of the Moon, awaiting the Pisces New Moon. Along with current, mostly minor transit contacts, today is likely to be low-key in a somewhat stressful way, as we strain, metaphorically speaking, toward the soon-to-arrive renewed light. Issues revolve around things like authorities trying to mess with your life direction, confusion over commitments and values with resulting unwise conclusions; but on the other hand, these conditions may lead to realizing the ideal commitment for you, the righteous cause driven by a vision, and may show clever ways to gain in Love or Money, so don’t give up, just because of the retro–Merc in apparent backward motion is always a time to plan, to review, to re-think–use the day wisely.

(Mercury stations retrograde, Ceres sesq NN, Neptune conj Vesta and contra-parallel Pallas, Sun semi-sq Uranus and nov Venus)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 15 Pisces! (See your birth chart for your Sun degree!)Your Solar year, beginning with your birthday, starts in a ‘dark period’, not much activity, not much movement (or a chaotic thing, where you might as well be in the dark!) This doesn’t last too long, but might feel dispiriting as it rolls by–and yet, this could be a period of incubation, if you dedicate the time to visualizing and then, when the light returns, acting to give the dream or vision a solid, real-world form. Think of this year as a Visionary One for you personally; expect inspirations galore, some testing of commitments and values, and a really prime opportunity to put the highest order of your dream in motion.