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By Patrick Rock – Imported from 500px (archived version) by the Archive Team. (detail page), CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=71350340

Is there something actually menacing in the way authorities exercise their power, or is it that we’re carrying forward inaccurate pictures of overreach from the past? This unease is really about our grasp of and exercise of our own prerogatives; how empowered are you, and how empowered do you feel? If there’s a disparity between our effectiveness and our perception of it, it could be feeding our paranoia, especially if we’ve recently failed to achieve a wanted status, or even to be heard. Stay focused on the reality picture, as the physical can ground us, and helps us avoid our own negative projections on those with clout–and, bonus, being highly aware of the real-world situation means we’ll see exactly how far we can reach, and so won’t waste time trying to enact power-fantasies.

(Ceres parallel Black Moon Lilith, Juno sesq SN, Vesta contra-parallel and Uranus nov Juno, Sun sxt Saturn)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 18 Pisces (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!): You’ve worked ‘it’ out, at least you think you have–so why are things caught in the doldrums? Because it’s time for review: of ambitions and desires, of aims and goals, of your own skills and gifts. You’re not in the same place, anymore, after recent endings/ beginnings, and you’re up for a reassessment of each and every life area, so you won’t swim too far in what the new and improved You considers the ‘wrong’ direction. Later in the year holds a lot promise, ripe with opportunity–but it can’t be hurried, so take this time to get your house in order–excitement, or maybe just surprising change, arrives soon enough, and you need to be ready.