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‘The Golden Hour’ By Thomas Moran 1875 {{PD}}

Looking for the New Moon? It’s right here–

It seems every major religion has some version of The Golden Rule, aka ‘Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You’. Not that I’m advocating for any religion; I see it instead as a consistent effort across civilizations and through time to offer human beings a simple, empathetic standard against which to measure themselves. A good policy, to treat others as we would like to be dealt with, and one we are absolutely required to follow today. Relationships and financial matters must be held to the highest standards, because it’s a sure thing that whatever you put into those areas today will multiply. The energy rushes out into the social sphere, becomes amplified, and we see our vision, our intention, our ideal, or nightmare, presented to us. It’s a real case of, to borrow another Biblical expression, ‘reaping what you sow’–though today those results arrive much quicker than we thought possible.

(Venus nov Vesta and semi-sq Jupiter, Mercury semi-sq Mars, Sun conj Vesta-Neptune)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born today, with the Sun at 17 Pisces (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!): Your year ahead is one where ideals, commitments, and what you find sacred are all tested, and your word is not just your bond, but may come back at you a thousand different ways–so taking real care with communications, with promises (including contracts), and even with your thought-world are high priorities, this year. All this tumult is aimed at creating a baseline, real-world and health-wise, against which progress can then be measured. You’re likely to feel vulnerable emotionally, but the up side to that is that intuition will be clear, penetrating, and able to locate the information you want. Don’t be afraid to change direction, to alter or let go of things no longer working, or to move toward a long-held dream. What comes out of all this? Stability, as in a real-world base that feels secure, a sense of purpose greater than what you held before, and aims that are more true to your Soul’s intents than they ever have been.