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‘Peasant Girl Before a Shrine’ By Antoni Kozakiewicz 1895 {{PD}}

We see evidence of our commitments, our duties, our priorities, and our fulfillment of these in real-world form; we see how we are empowered via our highest values, and the ways in which we’ve chosen to fill our lives with what matters to us. We should be proud of our innovations, our originality, our follow-through–so what is it that’s making us so squirrely? We may be just a tad misled in our actions, likely through some long-forgotten hurt that winkles our thoughts and messes with our usual wise and practical judgment–and this in turn leads us to scuttle some ambition or want, out of a sense it’s out of reach, or even pushes us into baiting our opposite number or acting out, for no reason other than pique. Take a step back, give the correct respect to the correct entity, including oneself, and know that it’s in your very uniqueness and adherence to a spiritual set of values that your strength lives, and your path ahead is clear.

(Saturn sxt Vesta and sq Hygeia, Mars semi-sq Chiron and sxt Neptune, Venus contra-parallel Mars and trine Juno, Mercury qnx Pallas, Sun nov Uranus and qnx Zeus)

C.I. Pigment Red 207, a mixed crystal phase of quinacridone and 4,11-Dichloroquinacridone, By Hardcoreraveman {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the color red. Of course, we equate the color with anger, astrologically with Mars, but let’s look a little deeper. This color has been shown to have a stimulating effect though we’re not consciously aware of it; that’s why so many restaurants feature red in their decor, to encourage appetite. Is there something that you’re not quite aware of, that may be stimulating some response in you? Something creating an ‘appetite’ that you don’t yet recognize? And in what way will that influence send you beyond conscious wants and parameters?

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 20 Pisces (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!): This year, through to your next birthday, you may need to concentrate on honing ambitions, desires, and the plans that support them, and may specifically need to solidify or even seek out supportive networks, frameworks, and partners who will also gain and so will be more than willing to help you succeed. Part of what may be slowing your progress is trying to make too many square pegs fit round holes, symbolically speaking; recognition of the true inclinations of those around you, as well as how effectively you’re actually addressing things is vital to making the whole life work better this year–that’s the overall goal.