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‘Young Girls at the Piano’ By Pierre-Auguste Renoir c1889 {{PD}}

There’s a Finger of God, if you count the Nodal axes as valid configuration points–some people don’t, but then, I didn’t ask them–so we have one with base of Jupiter and Venus-Black Moon Lilith, apex North Node, and we have a second one, with base of Mars and North Node, apex Jupiter, and even a third, looser one, with base of Mars and Vesta, apex Pallas. That’s a lot of combined and funneled energy–and let’s add to it a loose T-square, with the opposition of Ceres-Juno and the arm Neptune. The Fingers are all likely rapid, contained currents in the midst of slower waters, while the T is more of a stand-off with the energy that holds the answers swingin’ out on the arm.

Those slower waters are made up of the energy of individuals looking for an outlet, and finding themselves hobbled, or challenged by someone or some thing that is in some way their opposite number. Each Finger has its own character: the first sees opportunity and/ or the facts meld with an exploration (either one driven by Love, financial need, or by jealousy/ envy) that brings neglected or angering realities to the surface. The second sees action or choices designed to take us forward that result in opportunity or present us to the social sphere. And the third suggests that actions and choices based on highest values and what we honor results in smart or practical outcomes. The T says the way to re-channel a power stand-off is through using the imagination (or, under some conditions, in using deception). This is again one of those days when each individual is likely to meet only two of these combos, on average. Just remember that utilizing the energy of a Finger gives you an outlet and removes you from the doldrums of an otherwise stagnant situation.

(Uranus parallel Hygeia and semi-sq Juno, Jupiter sq Vesta, Mars qnx Jupiter, Venus sq Mars, qnx NN, sxt Jupiter)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 01 Aries (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) You may wonder why it all hurts so much, or maybe you’ve already transcended that, elevating your consciousness to serve through skill use–but in either case, this year you have a chance to heal in a major way, and should embrace it with every fiber of your Being. Your attention may be fully on yourself during this Solar year, through to your next birthday, and it should be. This is a time when you find and heal the ‘inner leader’, and whether that ends with you leading others or simply advising yourself, it’s a worthy thing to cultivate. Emotional issues may fade or take on a milder tone this year. Look to the past to inform Love or Money, and look all around for the unusual, the surprising, the original, because these can inspire new directions and new methods for you during this year of re-shaping your life.