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‘La répétition de chant’ By Edgar Degas 1888 {{PD}}

There’s a Full Moon as the Earth slips into Libra and the Sun into Aries, the culmination occurring at 6:43 PM PDT at 00 Libra 09, with the Moon-Earth quincunx Uranus and opposed Chiron, the latter of which the Sun is moving toward conjoining. It’s a very simple Full Moon picture, but not necessarily a direct one; the quincunx speaks of the need for adjustment, to the unexpected, to revelation, to sudden understanding, to the standards of Higher Mind, to the academic (rather than real-life) requirements of a situation. In some way, what we’re not looking out for comes along and creates the need for our response–and that is something coalescing with the arrival of the Full Moon, an attitude or realization that only now becomes fully formed, and may only now be graspable–and it presents either fresh injury or the chance to heal from an old one.

The Sun at the Aries Point (just as it crosses the equatorial plane on its way North, marking the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere), opposing the Moon in Libra, both at 00 Cardinal and so at liminal point in the zodiac, suggesting that the Sun’s position points to a change in us as individuals, where we bring something within us into manifestation, with the Full Moon in Libra showing a kind of result of that, as our ‘I Am’ statement is translated into a change or development in our relationship to others. This shift may be brought forward by that unexpected event or response, or the unexpected development may spring from our ‘I Am’ call and response; in either case, it presents a Chirotic moment, one wherein we can access healing, or hold more tightly to new-found hurts, all depending our your point of view.

The Full Moon Sabian symbol is, ‘In A Collection Of Perfect Specimens Of Many Biological Forms, A Butterfly Displays The Beauty Of Its Wings, Its Body Impaled By A Fine Dart’. In my mind, the beauty of any such image is quickly overwhelmed by the static nature of the display, by the fact that the living thing is only so closely observable because it’s dead. Think in large terms: are we looking at a relationship that may have some lovely qualities but that in fact is lifeless, trapping the participants in a situation not just of immobility, but of an inability to even respond, offering no chance of changing or leaving? And, even more important, do we even want change in this regard?

The Sabian for the Sun may help: ‘A Woman Just Risen From The Sea; A Seal Is Embracing Her’. This symbol is pure Sedna (and if I used bigger orbs, we could count a wide out-of-element trine of the Full Moon to Sedna in Taurus). As such this points to the way the current, static relationship has arisen directly from our own instincts and inclinations, from what we sense and ‘know but don’t know’, and may have been specifically designed to show us our ‘blind spot’. Paying clear-eyed attention to what we see at this time is paramount to getting what we need from Full Moon events.

Don’t look for solutions in this Full Moon; listen instead for the response the Universe offers to your personal ‘call’. This marks a subtle but vital shift in both the identity ‘statement’ we make in the world and the way that affects our relationships. If you see the effect as you being the same but others suddenly reacting differently, look more closely: you’ve changed.

The day also sees a trine between Mars and Pluto, and a sextile between Mercury and Saturn. These offer the energy and strength to make your move, and the mental stability and attention to real-world circumstances that will make that move truly effective.

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 00 Aries (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) What’s ending right now, at birthday time, and what’s beginning? It may feel disorienting, like the world is shifting beneath your feet, like you don’t really know any more who you are, and particularly who your friends (and enemies) are. This is actually a good thing; it’s time to re-orient yourself to the world. Things aren’t like they used to be, and neither are you, and a re-tooling of attitudes, behaviors, and even instincts is necessary if you’re going to stay a part of the scene–to do otherwise is to step out of the stream of life, and we don’t want that! Attune yourself by defining what it is you care about. It’s not going to take much more than that to bring you some stellar benefits this year, through to your next birthday, though it would be smart to also take advantage of the ease with which you can purge yourself of otherwise difficult past conditions.