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‘Das Innere des Palmenhauses’ By Carl Blechen 1832 {{PD}}

What we value takes concrete form–look around you, it manifests in the reality picture in surprisingly solid ways–and we engage in a healthy practice of measuring how well our values, tangible and intangible, serve our desired life direction–and all this is possibly spurred by stressful events or circumstances. We don’t just see the shiny, good things, though; we also see what we’ve shunted to the side, ignored or claimed ignorance of, and now it visits us, obvious to all, and requiring our attention.

(Hygeia sq the Nodal axis, Venus noviles Saturn and then enters Pisces, and is parallel Hygeia, Sun nov Black Moon Lilith)

American Bald Eagle mating ritual, Photo By Dan Pancamo originally posted to Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Today’s word image is a pair of eagles, soaring and linking and rolling together in the air. It’s mating season! Get out there and mingle.

And now a public service announcement, via ‘What You’re Asking’:

Should I buy a dog during Mercury retrograde?

No, you shouldn’t buy a dog during Mercury retrograde, and you shouldn’t buy one when it’s direct, either. Give a shelter dog a home–adopt!

For those born with the Sun at 06 Aries (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) Ambition and desire burns brightly for you this year my Aries friend, so brightly that you may not realize you’ll have to make adjustments, have to bend a little, to get to your goal. Too, emotional reactions may be exaggerated, tempting you to purge the life of feelings, completely! That’s not only infeasible, it would leave you less than human–so instead listen to your own inner wisdom–its voice is strong this year–and let it guide your actions and choices, especially as you look to gain, and to make your position, especially material aspects of it, more secure.