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By Carl Blechen 1827 {{PD}}

That title doesn’t quite capture it: what was still is, but only if we are holding onto the past, specifically out of the mistaken notion that it holds some vital information yet to be discovered. It’s true that we may have things to learn from the already-happened, but the way to uncover them isn’t to gaze backward unendingly, but to receive enlightenment as we attend to our day, as we move forward, and as we live and breathe. It’s that simple, really; we don’t even need to try–what we need to learn or see will present itself to us–the real challenge is to recognize that information when it arrives.

Today we may be quite caught up (especially mentally) in power situations of the past, focused on the ways in which our commitments and values have been destructive, and we may be just plain angry about our wounds–and those are all things we should express or consider, just as long as we realize those are thoughts about situations and events that have already transpired–and then turn our efforts toward making a real-world impact by fulfilling our ambitions and desires.

You might wonder: Isn’t ambition or desire fulfillment selfish? No, not when it’s about bringing our abilities, gifts, and healing presence to the world–then it’s the most generous thing we can do.

(Ceres nov SN, Pluto sq Vesta, Mars sq Chiron, Venus qnx Pallas, Mercury apex to a Fist of God with base of Zeus and Saturn, Merc also contraparallel Pluto, and sxt Chiron, Sun sq Black Moon Lilith)

Happy Birthday, you. ‘Cakes’ 1963 By Pplachigo Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

For those born with the Sun at 02 Gemini. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). I hate to say it, dear Gemini, but you may be haunted this solar year, through to your next birthday, unless you are willing to face all those things you’ve shoved under the rug, into the closet, or kept under your hat–because the need to face these issues, to deal with them once and for all, is acute, and they will continue to plague your imagination until you drag them out into the light of day and do whatever is required to free yourself. Deal with hurts, and you open the way to the unexpected, the surprising, and to a whole new way of seeing and doing. Best guides this year are your own Self-knowledge and your innate wisdom–and don’t forget to support health by both enjoying what the material world has to offer, and by keeping what you take in, in all forms, wholesome, nourishing, and comforting. Good luck!