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By Janus la Cour 1908 {{PD}}

Our attention is on healing difficult material or real-world circumstances, but we are hobbled or otherwise distracted by what we’ve ignored, denied, or because of our unacknowledged anger. The problem is that our attention is all on what’s distorted or not working in the reality picture, and that brings up both questions of our ability to affect it, and those areas where we have buried material in the hope of never having to deal with it. This could translate as high stress levels and a sense that there’s nothing we can do to positively alter what surrounds us–and if that’s how you feel, your best course is to pull back, put on the brakes, and relax. Concentrate on what refreshes, nourishes, replenishes, and then do those things for yourself. Let agendas and to-do lists wait, and don’t be sucked in to problems that seem like emergencies–if it’s a genuine emergency, it will be obvious–everything else can be ignored, for now. Restore the balance.

(Juno sesq Black Moon Lilith, Sun sesq Saturn and sxt Chiron)

Happy Birthday, you. ‘Cakes’ 1963 By Pplachigo Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

For those born with the Sun at 05 Gemini. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). Dear Gemini, This solar year, through to your next birthday, you have a choice: you can concentrate on your wounds, on your healing, or on using and acquiring skills themed to your natal Chiron placement. You can do all three at once, just one or two, or you can switch among them at different parts of the year–that latter is my suggestion–because it’s becoming clear to you that you need to act, you need to consolidate or otherwise make cohesive your knowledge, the facts of your reality, and the opportunities that will both bolster your personal authority and make the most of your gifts. Claim your personal authority as it exists within your ‘territory’–and then exercise it. Good luck!